Gay marriage: at least our kids are ready for it

“You can have Ken. My barbie will marry the other barbie.”

“Girls can’t marry girls!”

“They’re going to change the law. Soon they will be able to.”

This was a recent conversation between my daughter and her friend.

My children have grown up with no prejudice about men being with men and women being with women. They have both a homosexual aunt and uncle. Their partners are a part of our family and in so many ways I am grateful for them and their influence on my childrens’ understanding of the world. And mine too.

The only complication is the fact that in our family, there are two uncles named Adam (this gets a bit confusing so we have Uncle Adam and Auntie Adam).

It’s truly wedding season now, and with the ACT government introducing legislation in October to allow same-sex couples to legally marry in the territory – it’s an exciting time for all of Australia. It’s about time we brought our country up to date with other leading countries.

Albeit, this is just the first step in getting our nation up to date in this space, and there is still a long way to go to make it federal law. But it’s a step, and that’s what’s important for all of us as part of this ‘progressive’ country.

A recent commentator on SBS online said Australia isn’t ready for gay marriage. Although we seem to be forgetting that there was also a time when we weren’t ready for women to vote or women to be educated, and some backward thinkers still seem to believe this.

Having lived in the bush for many years of my life, I agree that some parts of Australia might not be ready for it. However, I don’t think we’re the only country who would have these issues – yet we’re definitely one of the slower countries to pass gay marriage. It’s scary to think that many of these people voted in Tony Abbott, and I personally find the vision of him in budgie smugglers much more offensive than gay marriage.

Let’s just celebrate the win for our nation … and, hey, it’s a boon for the wedding industry!

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