winter in Sydney

How to beat the winter blues, Sydney style

Written by Jen Wong

When the outside temperature hits single digits, it’s raining continuously and the sky resembles a big grey blanket, it’s easy to feel lethargic and not know what to do on the weekends during winter.

For Sydney, a city that has an ample selection of activities on offer during the summer months – it can be a different story when the sun isn’t shining. So, below are my suggestions to get you through the chilly season!

1. Shop – the arrival of a new season is the perfect excuse to add new additions to the wardrobe (after all it’s important to stay warm). Be it a new coat, boots or scarf, indulging in some retail therapy is always a good thing – rain, hail or shine. But be warned, the local shopping mall will likely be full of people also trying to beat the winter blues.

2. Eat – with bikini bodies in hibernation, winter is the perfect time to treat yourself to meals that are, let’s be honest, not so good for you but oh so delicious. Whether it’s lamb shanks, sticky date pudding or a big bowl of noodles, winter is all about the comfort food! Or if entertaining is your thing, hold a dinner party or try new recipes to release your inner Nigella.

3. Skate – on ice that is, at Bondi Beach. Bright blue water and golden sand typically come to mind when we think of Sydney’s iconic beach. But chances are you’ll be drawn to a different setting, with a huge ice rink being placed at the Bondi Pavilion from 27th June to 13th July as part of Bondi Winter Magic 2014. Yes you heard me correctly, you’ll be able to ice-skate by the sea!

4. Get Creative – with all the time spent indoors, winter is the perfect time to channel the energy you normally spend outdoors into a new hobby. You could knit that caramel-coloured scarf you’ve been hunting for, create a blog or learn a new language.

So, despite popular belief, there’s actually plenty of things to do when the beach is ruled out. And like many difficult situations, the best way to get through winter is to enjoy it. My advice is to embrace the chilly season and all it has to offer, jump into your trackies and have your hot chocolate ready!


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