Dress your website to impress

Just as the old saying goes, first impressions count. If you wore a shabby, torn t-shirt, shorts and thongs to work, what would your customers think?

Your website is a direct reflection of your business, in fact to the online world, it’s your one and only chance to impress.

Are you one of those businesses that got excited, built a new site, launched it and then never looked at it again? Or worse yet, are you a business that doesn’t have a website?

Well, it’s time to take five in the naughty corner! We can’t express strongly enough just how important it is to a) have a website and b) keep it updated with relevant and interesting content, not only so your site visitors don’t bounce in three seconds or less but also to engage new visitors and keep them coming back. Why? Well put simply, it will help build your brand as a business, gain exposure to billions of potential people, generate leads and increase your sales.

Alas, all is not yet lost! Here are our key tips to help dress your website to impress:

  • Brand consistency is key – make sure your logo is great quality and any images suit the brand and what you are selling or preaching. Quality is key.
  • Update content regularly – yes, we mean writing a short blog post, adding a new product item or reviewing a service or product, to name just a few things you can do. When you’re talking with customers, they will give you ideas as to what other, like-minded consumers might be interested in reading or hearing about. Even write a FAQs page.
  • Make it SEO friendly – choose one or two keywords for each page that are relevant to the page content and make sure those keywords are in your content. Better yet, get an SEO consultant to do it for you – it’s super important!
  • Easy navigation –make life easy for your users, and think about how they would use and navigate the site when you build it. If it’s too hard for you, than it’s sure to be way too hard for them.
  • Security, performance and reliability – it’s important to update your site’s security when required, using an online security company such as F-Secure. Also make sure its speed and performance are the best they can be. People don’t like waiting or getting errors when browsing online.
  • Mobile/Tablet friendly – something like 80% of users use their mobile instead of any other device, so it’s important that those users can actually view your website easily on their phone and any other device for that matter, so make sure it is responsive.
  • Interactive – attractiveness, appeal and making sure to provide everything a user would want in an easy, stress free way is paramount. If that means creating ‘how to’ videos or providing feedback tools than give it to them.

Want more advice? Email and we’ll help you navigate the website world with ease.