7 tips to improve customer loyalty

Loyalty works both ways. If you’re good to your customers, they’ll be good to you. And in a community such as ours, that loyalty can create a wonderful ripple effect by means of referrals back to your business down the track. For customers, it’s rarely about the bottom line. Building relationships is very important and sometimes the best ‘business’ is when less business is actually discussed. So before we share our top tips for gaining and retaining loyal customers, how are you and how’s the family?

Tips for improving customer loyalty

  1. Ask them what they want – simple surveys or questionnaires emailed out to customers or completed in store or by post are a great way to gauge the needs and wants of your customers. They’re simple enough to set up in-house and can be very affordable too.
  2. Actually listen to your customers – because they will tell you what they want and often more than once. And if there’s a sure fire way to lose a customer, it’s by not taking action on what they’re telling you. After all, the customer is always right.
  3. Don’t think acquisition – so many businesses we come across spend all of their marketing budget on acquiring and attracting new customers, too often failing to acknowledge or reward the loyalty of their existing customer base. Build a loyal base – for they are your bread and butter.
  4. Build rapport – be supportive, take an interest in who they are. If your client or customer chooses to share personal information with you it means they value your relationship. So take the time to ask about their new granddaughter they excitedly mentioned to you last time you met.
  5. Give something for nothing – this happens all too rarely. Treat your most loyal customers well and show them that their loyalty is valued and appreciated. For example, if you’re a car dealer, show your loyal customer your appreciation with free window tinting or a free service with their new purchase. Whatever your gesture of ‘thanks’ may be, it’s likely to cost little to the business but the pay off in terms of customer appreciation is immeasurable.
  6. Under promise, over-deliver – it’s unexpected when we get more ‘bang for our buck’ than we had anticipated. It might be just a free cookie on the side of their coffee, but every little ‘warm and fuzzy’ counts and it’s also a great way to be remembered too.
  7. Hear them out – even when customers are voicing a concern or complaint. Often this information is being shared to help you resolve the issue or improve a problem within your business. Customers remember a poor customer service experience far longer than a good one.


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