Top 5 tips to marketing success

The start of a new year is the perfect time to boost your marketing so your business can better connect with customers. Here are our five top tips to help you get the most from your marketing in the year ahead.

  1. Make your advertising appealing – Does the creative design fit your brand? Does it appeal to the customer? And does it explain what you’re trying to convey, in simple terms?

When putting the creative brief together or designing the elements of your marketing campaign, think about the images that customers associate with the product you sell or service you provide. Understanding the problem that you’re solving for the customer with the product or service you’re selling is absolutely crucial. And then ensure you tell the customer, in a straight-forward way, that you can have the solution to their problem.

  1. Understand who you’re targeting and how they purchase – knowing who your customers are for a particular product or service is key to getting into the psyche of what they’re looking for and how they like to buy. Everyone is different but there are some common steps to buying behaviour that you should be aware of. These steps are:
    1. Need or Problem recognition – the customer identifies a need or want in their life and starts the search for solutions
    2. Information research – online, offline, friends and family
    3. Evaluation of alternatives – the customer narrows their purchase choice to a few options based on how well it solves their problems and meets their needs in terms of budget, look, appeal etc.
    4. Purchase – they choose the product they wish to buy
    5. Post-purchase behaviour – this is where feedback, reviews and word-of-mouth can play a part. Based on how well the purchased product solved the customer’s problem, and how well the business interacted and serviced them throughout the purchase and after-sale period, will determine the positive or negative feedback or reviews. It can also determine their repeat purchase behaviour and likelihood of referring others to you.
  2. Provide service with a smile – as we eluded to in the purchase behaviour, every customer touch point interaction you have, whether it’s by phone, web, social media, face-to-face or otherwise, is an important opportunity for your business to provide a ‘wow’ customer service experience. You really want to keep customers coming back for more. To do this, it’s important that the entire team are on board, that they live and breathe your company’s ethos and values and are also well-trained in customer service. Trust us, it works! Just think of where you always shop and why that is…

  3. Make customers smarter – by giving them the information. If it’s a complex product or service or even a quick purchase product, people still want to know everything there is to know about it. So when you’re putting a marketing campaign together, make sure that the right information is readily available on your website, in-store or on social media and tell customers where to find it. For example, if you’re selling cars, why not write a guide on ‘10 tips to know before purchasing a new car’ or perhaps, if you’re selling a service, provide customers with a FAQ’S page (Frequently Asked Questions) on your website or develop service guides detailing what will be provided and how the process works so customers know just what to expect. Information sells a business. Video is a good medium for this too!
  4. Measure and know what’s working – sometimes it can be hard to understand and easily measure what’s working but the best way to get a good understanding of this is by asking your customers. Whether you do this in person, via an email survey or on social media, get the feedback from the horse’s mouth so to speak. With so many marketing channels now available, such as social media, the metrics and results are ready and waiting for you on the reporting or insights area. Use this data to focus your online advertising and social media spend. We’ve always found a blend of offline (TV, radio, print) and online (web, social media, email etc.) works well but it really depends on your business, budget and of course your customers and the media they consume.

Happy Marketing!