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What’s hot in marketing: heard of Chatbots?

What are the top new trends to know about? And the long-term trends that have become the norm?

WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, snap chat and all apps to do with one-on-one chat apps are reigning supreme at the moment. With over 3 billion users combined worldwide, that means a whole lot of conversations are going on outside social media and any other online platform. Facebook obviously saw value in chat technology when they purchased WhatsApp for $14 Billion (USD) last year. Let’s see what comes of the new world of chatbots…

It’s all about mobile
With over 60% of all purchases made from a mobile device these days, it’s an avenue where efforts must be focussed upon. In 2015 Google also changed their search algorithms to rank websites based on mobile-friendliness first (#mobilegeddon). This Google priority is proof that mobile really counts and that mobile compatibility will continue to influence consumer trends. In addition to having a mobile friendly website, you also need to test how well it works from a mobile device. There’s nothing worse than viewing a mobile site with text all over the page, it defeats the purpose. Secondly, it’s important to look at better ways of incorporating mobile into the marketing mix of your business.

Content is still king
It’s no surprise that interesting content, relevant to your market still reigns supreme. Gone are the days of substandard one-way driven content. These days it’s all about delivering relevant, insightful and timely content to your audience. It is generally driven by social media too. More and more brands are using blogs and story craft to bring their brands, products and services to life, thereby taking their customers on a journey with them – an inclusive and engaging journey. As always, two-way conversation is more meaningful than a one-way conversation.

Virtual reality is here
The use of 4D and ocular technology is being marked by many large corporations as the way to tell their story and give consumers a chance to feel and experience their products and stories firsthand. The Marriott recently teamed up with the creators of the film Gravity to provide consumers with a VR travel experience to a number of destinations where Marriott is represented. Through 4D headsets, people can travel to London, Paris or the white sands of Tahiti instantaneously (view the clip here). Fashion retail juggernaut, Top Shop, also used virtual reality to provide VIP shoppers with a front row seat at their fashion show, all from the comfort of the shop window the technology was displayed upon – check it out here. Virtual reality is certainly a technology we’ll see become more prevalent in the coming years, if not months.

Watch this space…