Instagram for business

Instagram’s Business Profile – Why it’s a smart move

The new Instagram Business Profile is definitely worth a look. It includes features any business owner will find helpful in learning more about their market / customer base.

Here, we offer a brief overview.

Setting up a Business Profile

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you have the latest version of the Instagram app. From there it’s a simply process to create a Business Profile. Be sure to include your contact details and location to make it easy for your customers / clientele to find key information about your business with the touch of a button. Ensure your Business Profile is connected to your business Facebook page.

Your profile enables you to learn more about your followers. Your followers are likely to be past, present and most importantly, potential customers. You can see how your posts are performing – i.e which posts people find most engaging. You can create promotions to help promote and grow your business.

Instagram Insights

A Business Profile allows you to access Instagram Insights.

Insights provide info on ‘Impressions’, ‘Reach’ and ‘Engagement’. You can ascertain key customer info such as gender, age, location and the times/ days they’re most likely to be online. When your followers are online it’s the most opportune time for you to be posting.

Use your Business App to Promote Posts

Improving the reach of your posts can be done by promoting them just as you can ‘boost’ a Facebook post. Promoting posts allows you to set parameters such as audience, budget and duration of a given promotion. This helps you broaden your market or step into a new market. What business isn’t keen to reach a new audience?

It’s easy to see how a promotion is working. You can also set up multiple promotions at once and monitor them accordingly.

The Business Profile also allows you to link and push-publish to other social media accounts (Twitter, Flickr, etc.), so you can share your Instagram posts across multiple platforms.

If that all sounds appealing to you and your business, Social Media Examiner have a more detailed guide to help you through the set up process…