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Rustic Rabbit

First Degree PR teamed up with Rustic Rabbit, a marketing services company specialising in showbags, to generate publicity for the company’s four showbags on sale throughout the 2014 Sydney Royal Easter Show. After meeting with Rustic Rabbit’s CEO, it was decided that social media promotion would be the major focus for the short term campaign, in order to deliver the best results within the time and budget constraints in the lead up to the Easter Show.

First Degree PR created a social media competition designed to generate consumer interest in Rustic Rabbit’s four showbags and focused on social media saturation throughout the campaign period. As well as this, promotional content was distributed via the Royal Easter Show’s marketing material.

Positive results were achieved for Rustic Rabbit in terms of increased organic visits, shares by users and social media engagement due to the PR and marketing activities implemented in the lead up to the show.

In addition to the implemented activities, future recommendations were provided in order to maintain and grow the brand awareness of Rustic Rabbit, as it continues to establish itself as a leader in showbag marketing solutions.