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Want to feel more in control about your financial future? According to the BT Australian Financial Health Index, the answer may be to consider life insurance.

The results of the survey of 5,000 Australians showed those who were covered by life insurance were more likely to have a positive perception of their financial wellbeing: – 56% of respondents with life insurance rated themselves in the ‘high score’ category on the financial wellbeing scale, compared with 45% of respondents without life insurance.

  • individuals with kids and life insurance tended to rate their financial wellbeing higher, with 56% responding with a high score versus 43% amongst those respondents with kids and without life insurance.
  • women with life insurance also rated their financial wellbeing higher (52% responding with a high score for those with life insurance versus 39% for those without life insurance).

For more information, see the BT media release.

Image sourced from samlevan.