The gentlemen’s guide to party dressing

Sydneysiders think about Sydney the way New Yorkers think about New York. A breed of subconsciously exclusive and fiercely protective villagers with an undeniable appreciation for the city they call home.

We’ve come to think about summer the way they think about it too – swept up in flirtatious, balmy nights and inheriting an infatuation with any kind of rooftop party.

But while New Yorkers have the Hamptons, I think Sydneysiders prevail with the many quintessentially ‘Sydney summer’ activities that come with having the beach at our doorsteps (plus there’s the fact that we’re allowed to wear white after Labour Day).

What’s more is that sometime over the last few years, someone, somewhere brought forward the silly season calendar from December to November (bless their kind souls). Meaning it’s already time to dust off the party frocks in preparation for the highly anticipated summer soirées.

When it comes to summer fashion in particular, I’m often just a little bit envious of you boys with your brightly coloured chinos, happy socks and bordering-on-outrageous ties.

And so because of my love for men’s summer fashion, I’ve chosen to dedicate this post to the best of the party season styles on offer for the lads.

Case in point, see below. The very dapper Dr Ed Cooper gives us a glimpse into his personal party wardrobe, complete with his style advice and go-to brands to get you sorted for all things ‘silly’ this season.

Ed Cooper, Doctor, Paddington

Day party

Beach BBQ

What do you love most about the silly season?

What is there not to love – summer, the beach, longer hours of sunlight, day drinking and Christmas parties. Everybody has such a positive outlook and the vibe is amazing.

How would you describe your general style?

Clean-cut but with a touch of fun. There is no point taking yourself too seriously. Be confident in what you wear – own it! Versatile: one day I’ll be in chinos, boat shoes and a shirt if it suits the occasion but then the next day I’ll be in APC fitted black jeans, black Nikes and a denim shirt.

Polo/beach BBQ style

Polo style

What’s a typical outfit choice for you a silly season work function?

Brown leather shoes, a pair of blue chinos with a white polo Ralph Lauren shirt. Keep it simple and classy.

What about a silly season day time event?

A chino short with a printed short sleeve shirt paired with tortoise shell sunglasses from Bailey Nelson.

Do you have a favourite accessory or item of clothing for the party season?

I will never leave the house without my watch, which is a fundamental accessory for any gent. While a pair of sunnies are essential for any daytime event.

Day time party fashion

Outdoor party fashion

What is an appropriate style or dress code for your profession during the silly season?

The medical profession is quite reserved in regards to style but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring and daggy once you take the scrubs off. Fitted shirts with clean cut lines and a touch of colour can lift any outfit.

Favourite clothing labels?

APC, MJ Bale, Scotch and Soda, TopMan, Country Road, J. Crew.

What’s your style advice for guys?

Keep it clean, fresh and fun.

Do you have a style icon?

I don’t have a style icon as such. I would say that most of my clothing ideas come from my friends and family. If I see a certain style I like, I do not hesitate to ask where they sourced their clothes from.

It’s a fine time to showcase playful summer style, and boys, making sure you’re well-dressed this summer will be the first way to put you in the mood to party.

So when it comes to silly season dressing, take Ed’s advice and try not to take yourself too seriously. Summer is fun, dress accordingly.

Yours in well-dressed dude party dressing,