7 tips to save your marketing budget!

There’s a myth out there that marketing is expensive. Certainly, it can be there’s no doubt about that, but there are also a great deal of opportunities where you can market for less or no cost at all which is good news to any marketing manager’s or CMO’s ears.

Here’s seven thrifty marketing tips to save you:

1. Social media – is one key area where you can minimise marketing spend and maximise exposure. Utilising tools such as Facebook boosted posts or sponsored ads, google ads and other social media channels like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to raise profile and engagement with your target consumers is relatively inexpensive and free in some cases. Just go in with a plan!

2. Flash mob street exposure – the old word of mouth or good ol’ fashioned pounding the pavement is also a great option to gain exposure for your product or service without it costing a mint. Consider pulling together a flash mob or street stunt to give your product or service exposure.

3. SEO – spend some time using the Google adwords tool to find out what the top search results are for your product or service and optimise your site’s pages based on the keywords as well as update your content to reflect the high ranking key words.

4. Blogging, Articles & Press Releases – consider writing a blog about your products and services, an article on industry trends or issuing a relevant and topical press release to your news providers to get free coverage. This helps with credibility, improving your brand profile in the market.

5. Go back to basics and pick up the phone and call some prospects or past clients/customers and see how they are going. Nothing shows that you care more about your clients/customers experience, than, well asking them about it!

6. Public Speaking – a great way to get the word out on your business, is speaking at an event or forum about what you are an expert on. It could be specifics or industry trend based but if you nail it, you’ll go a long way to increasing your credibility and brand with your audience.

7. Digital marketing – instead of that costly mail out to customers, why not utilise an email campaign management system like mail chimp? It costs a small fraction and perhaps may be received better than print. Also consider using digital stationery and brochureware rather than getting it printed which can be costly and inefficient as the content can be outdated as soon as the ink dries in some cases.

The bottom line to all of this is to have a strategy. Plan the objectives and outcomes for each activity and see if you meet the targets and get the return you desire.
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