The gentlemen’s guide to party dressing

When it comes to summer fashion in particular, I'm often just a little bit envious of you boys. And so because of my love for men’s summer fashion, I’ve chosen to dedicate this post to the best of the party season styles on offer for the lads.
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Nudie Jeans Co – the naked truth about denim

Since researching the Rana Plaza factory collapse, I’ve also been living with a personal struggle with my fashion choices, driven by the guilt of the first world luxury of having the option of supporting fair working conditions for the people who produce our clothes.

Trending: designer brands for corporate wear

I love collaborations. I love the word, the buzz they create, and I see them as a way of bringing together like-minded talents with diverse skill sets for the good of us mere mortal consumers, as well the brands involved.

Fashion prescription

I’ve always thought of fashion as a form of self-expression, reflecting how we ourselves feel happy, sad, serious or silly, and giving those people around us a little sense of who we are, or who we want to be. And it seems I’m not alone in my thinking of fashion as a form of artistic self-expression.

Winter weekend streetstyle

With a focus on winter fashion and winter accessories in particular (because we know it's all in the details), I thought it was about time for another good old-fashioned street-hunt. This time around, I hit the streets of Sydney in search of guys and girls letting their individual winter style shine bright - weekend style.

Ethical fashion: be the change you want to see

After attending a recent breakfast hosted by Oxfam that delved into the ethics behind ‘fast-fashion’ post the devastation of the Rana Plaza collapse, I figure it’s probably time to carry over my continuous goal to be 'kind' to other facets of my life.

What’s trending this season

As we start to make our way closer to the chilly season, I plan to take my post-summer blues and box them up ready for an exciting new romance with winter trends. Whether you're after new colours, styles or just a peek at the latest news on what's hot, here's my pick of winter trends that might even make you welcome the winter chill.

The art of collaboration

I’ve always loved the word collaboration. It might be because it encompasses the very meaning of working together in harmony – a mateship of ideas, if you will. Or maybe it’s because I associate the word collaboration with some of the most remarkable art, fashion and architectural projects of our time.

Tan & Brown: global nomad style

As soon as I sat down with Courtney Lennan, designer and co-founder of the luxury accessories label, Tan & Brown, I knew I would love her as much as I love her designs – bursting with earthy hues, animal print and perfectly distressed soft leather.

Activewear: the good, the bad and the confusing

It’s safe to say we’ve all been guilty of a little fashion faux pas in our time. But the latest interesting trend that seems to be consuming my attention revolves around sporting attire – the good, the bad and the undoubtedly strange.