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I love collaborations. I love the word, the buzz they create, and I see them as a way of bringing together like-minded talents with diverse skill sets for the good of us mere mortal consumers, as well the brands involved.

Brand and reputation

A brand is a complex beast. Simply put, one could naively perceive a brand to be just a company logo. However, the term ‘brand’ encompasses a whole lot more than just its visual cues.

U2: the brand behind the band

What a powerful admission that the success of U2 over its 38 years has been just as much about their vision as a band and the exceptional brand of U2, as it has been about their music.

Marketing health check 101

What does your marketing look like at the moment? Have you reviewed your results recently? Are you taking a reactionary rather than planned in your approach? Perhaps it’s time to undertake a health check on your marketing.
social media

How much social media is healthy?

If a vigorous, high impact spurt of running can add years to your life and dramatically improve your health, I’m about to save a hell of a lot of time. Surely there is a similarly efficient way to manage today’s biggest time waster and distraction – social media.

The difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships

Dating and meeting new people can be an exciting time but with today's advanced technology you have to be particularly cautious when it comes to the new fads of dating.

New Zealand: the land of sheep’s milk and manuka honey

Would you spend $70 on a jar of honey? Intrigued about New Zealand’s liquid gold, manuka honey, I parted with my remaining Kiwi dollars at Auckland airport last week, after a whirlwind business trip that was otherwise bereft of distinctively local experiences.

Fashion prescription

I’ve always thought of fashion as a form of self-expression, reflecting how we ourselves feel happy, sad, serious or silly, and giving those people around us a little sense of who we are, or who we want to be. And it seems I’m not alone in my thinking of fashion as a form of artistic self-expression.

The rise of philanthropy

You would assume with the encouragement and increasing practice of fundraising at schools that younger generations would bring a rise of philanthropists. But the increase in philanthropy can only be achieved by a change in approach and environment.

When naughty pairs with nice

Ahh celebrity dream pairings (like Buddy Franklin and Jesinta Campbell). If only the business world were as opportunistic in the same way.