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One year on … how to grow from here

Time for some navel gazing! As part of my MBA, I’ve looked at the growth strategy for First Degree PR.

Women in a man’s world

Happy International Women’s Day.

Innovation: the new ‘it’ corporate buzzword?

Is being more innovative your New Year’s resolution?
social media

Zach Galifianakis, workspaces and Google does glasnost

Bright young things .
social media

From The Hunger Games to Kaching

Social media – visually rich, enjoyed during leisure time and skewed towards youth segments – is a natural ally of the entertainment industry.

I’ve got the moves like … Winston Churchill

After an intensive week living, breathing and eating MBA, one of the lessons I learned is that high-achieving, alpha-type characters tend to be disarmingly charming.

Earned vs paid media – what’s finance got to do with it?

This article was first published in Financial Standard on 17 June 2012, www.

Art is the signature of civilisations

Ungakini Tjangala and Pantjiti Lionel by Alex Craig, finalist in the Head On Portrait Prize Art is the signature of civilisations.

Issues management: what Ben Polis should do

Update: Since this blog was first published, Polis has stepped down as EnergyWatch's CEO.

Reputation management: Westpac and Perpetual

‘A good reputation is more valuable than money.