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Public Relations

First Degree PR can enhance your profile, create buzz around the launch of a new product and manage sensitive issues.

Our experience includes managing media relations for Australia’s largest financial services and property businesses as well as technology and fashion startups, including brand profiling, product launches, issues management, investor relations and spokesperson profiling.

Our team members’ measurable results include attracting multi-million dollar investments into financial products due to positive media coverage that went viral.

Contact us about:

  • planning PR campaigns within budgets
  • engaging through social media
  • creating unforgettable events
  • profiling senior executives
  • personal brand management
  • feature article writing and blogging
  • marketing and brand communications
  • industry-specific services – eg, showroom space and services for fashion buyers and stockists, and celebrity management

We can manage corporate communications projects from the planning to printing and distribution phases. Past projects include annual reports, ASX and media releases, Annual Operational Plans and business strategies, investor presentations and award submissions.

We can advise on individual projects and big picture PR strategies. We have a proven track record of executing long-term proactive programs, promoting product launches, sustainability initiatives and business results.