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The ‘social’ in our ESG

This month First Degree PR is giving a helping hand to Mwavita, a Congolese businesswoman who sells used clothing.

Best media slip-ups this summer

We like to celebrate the good and the bad here at First Degree PR. We're fair and balanced, just like Fox News. Herewith, the best of the baddest moves in the media this summer. You're welcome.
media training

The do’s and don’ts of media interviews

From politicians to big banks, no one is safe from the grilling pressure of the media, however, you can be prepared. Media training can help you keep your cool so you can deliver the right message and build brand awareness.
kiva loan: La Cruz Patuca

Meet the La Cruz Patuca Group

With our help, the La Cruz Patuca group will purchase supplies for their business to help cover their family expenses and financial obligations.

To paleo or not to paleo, that is the question

The Paleolithic diet, or Paleo diet as its better known, divides people – you’re either a big supporter or a doubting critic. It’s caused lots of hype recently, but what exactly is it? Head trainer at Flite Fitness and ex-chef, Ashley McLachlan gives you the lowdown to help you decide if the Paleo diet is right for you.

Presenting ‘Bombora’ by Felicity Palmateer

In February, we were lucky enough to help out with the debut art exhibition for professional surfer and artist, Felicity Palmateer. Sponsored by cult Australian surfwear label, Billabong, the event included a collection inspired by Felicity's Australian roots, deep-seated love for the ocean and conservation and life as a global nomad.

Top 10 trends in marketing & PR

  At First Degree PR, we cut through the noise.

Save yourself from fraud

I know you thought this would never happen to you, I mean you didn’t even consider it. But the fact is credit card fraud is common in Australia. Trust me, I’ve been there.
Kiva: Trabajadoras Pacaman

Meet the Trabajadoras De Pacaman Group

With this month's Kiva loan, we helped the Ep Jiwe Group in Congo to purchase various construction supplies to further build their business.

Why you should make an effort this Halloween

Throughout America, Halloween is a day of merriment, costumes and theatricality. Is it time for us Aussies to catch up?

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