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At First Degree PR, we offer public relations and communications advice that cuts through the noise. We help you reach that crucial first degree of separation with your target audience, through the right mix of traditional channels and social media.

Our team of consultants have combined expertise in PR, marketing and communications, as well as change management, covering a range of industries.

Our diverse experience ensures we are well equipped to assist you with all your PR, marketing, events, social media and communications requirements.

Contact us today to bring to life your vision for PR and communications initiatives to allow you to reach your target audience and enhance your company profile.

Respecting brands

Our experience advising superbrands means we respect established guidelines on a brand’s identity.

Our highly trained consultants offer a professional and energetic approach to raising the brand and company profile, by increasing media exposure both locally and throughout Australia, and organising targeted, strategic events.

We pride ourselves in really getting to know the company profile, and tailoring our services to specifically target the niche market you wish to attract.

Here’s what one of our satisfied clients have to say about the results we have achieved:

Caroline [First Degree PR’s Managing Director] is having an amazingly positive impact on BT Life and our profile in the media. I have been so impressed with her ability to navigate her way through our organisation, engage with all stakeholders and ensure that all media activities are aligned to strategy. She has a really genuine relationship with journalists and her pre-interview briefing skills are top rate. I have had more than 10 interviews over the past couple of months and her [Caroline’s] ability to source company information for media makes her seem like she has been with the organisation for years. Her coaching on building a media profile has been invaluable.

Phil Hay, former Head of Life Insurance, BT

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