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We support entrepreneurs and small business owners via Kiva, a not-for-profit organisation that connects online micro-finance lenders with entrepreneurs from developing countries. We encourage you to use the power of social media positively and share Kiva’s website amongst your first degree connections.

Learn about one of the small business owners below.

Kiva donation: Meet Thu

Meet Thu from the Đông Sơn Group

Thu is 41 years old and married with two children. She lives and works in Thanh Hoa city, where she owns a fashion retail business. With the help of our donation, Thu plans to invest in her business to help support her family
Meet the Bella Vista Group

Introducing the Kiva Bella Vista Group

This month, we're supporting the Bella Vista Group with our Kiva donation. Haydee is a single mother living with her son in a community in the Bahia Islands, who sells cosmetics to support her family.
Kiva loan: Mayrash

Meet Mayrash

In September, we supported Mayrash, who lives in Toktogul Village in Kyrgyzstan. Our donation has helped Mayrash continue to run her family farm and support her three children.

Hermes CEO supports Banking and Finance Oath

In a letter to the FT editor, Hermes Fund Managers CEO and Head of Investment makes a call to action to reawaken the ethical culture in financial services in London.
Kiva Cuenca group

Meet Cuenca Group

We support the Cuenca Group from Bolivia, who will use their Kiva loan to help buy chickens, pigs, and guinea pigs.