Notes on a scandal

Marital breakups at the executive level causing share prices to dive, directors misappropriating funds, inappropriate charging of fees - it seems not a week goes by without a corporate crisis being reported in the press.

Save yourself from fraud

I know you thought this would never happen to you, I mean you didn’t even consider it. But the fact is credit card fraud is common in Australia. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Why you should make an effort this Halloween

Throughout America, Halloween is a day of merriment, costumes and theatricality. Is it time for us Aussies to catch up?
social media

Social media campaigns – philanthropy vs personal branding

Earlier this year when the no makeup selfie breast cancer campaign became viral in Australia, I had a keyboard war with another young woman who decided to contest against my selfie. The fact was that this ‘selfie’ campaign was raising awareness for a good cause and that was enough to make me respond to her online outrage.

The difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships

Dating and meeting new people can be an exciting time but with today's advanced technology you have to be particularly cautious when it comes to the new fads of dating.

The rise of philanthropy

You would assume with the encouragement and increasing practice of fundraising at schools that younger generations would bring a rise of philanthropists. But the increase in philanthropy can only be achieved by a change in approach and environment.
winter in Sydney

How to beat the winter blues, Sydney style

When the outside temperature hits single digits, it’s raining continuously and the sky resembles a big grey blanket, it’s easy to feel lethargic and not know what to do on the weekends during winter.
Kiva donation: Meet Thu

Meet Thu from the Đông Sơn Group

Thu is 41 years old and married with two children. She lives and works in Thanh Hoa city, where she owns a fashion retail business. With the help of our donation, Thu plans to invest in her business to help support her family

Direct from the factory floor: how fast fashion can solve its image problem

One year on from the devastating collapse of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, has fast fashion managed to turn its image around? More importantly, has it changed its behaviour?
position available

Communications coordinator position

First Degree PR is seeking an energetic communications coordinator to support the communications strategies of listed and startup companies in the financial services, technology and fashion industries.