corporate responsibility

Tips from celebs on building your brand through charities

When you give to charities, do you want kudos back? While some people are happy to donate anonymously, others build brand value by promoting their generous actions. What can we learn from the world’s famous dogooders?

Recycling just got chic

With our resident fashion blogger on a well-deserved holiday for most of this month, I get to write about fashion, my daaahlings.

Now can we party like it’s 1999?

The financial crisis’ sobering effect on corporate celebrations has been protracted; the resulting paradigm, complex. Seven years on, like a run of bad luck, is it safe to say the moratorium has ended?

New Zealand: the land of sheep’s milk and manuka honey

Would you spend $70 on a jar of honey? Intrigued about New Zealand’s liquid gold, manuka honey, I parted with my remaining Kiwi dollars at Auckland airport last week, after a whirlwind business trip that was otherwise bereft of distinctively local experiences.

Which bank do you trust?

I became a victim of credit card fraud yesterday. Instead of being annoyed, I was impressed by how speedy my bank acted when it identified the problem. The experience made me feel secure that my finances are being taken care of by a large, highly regulated institution.
pop culture

Stuff Sydney urbanites like … in winter

Whenever I’m in a funk about winter, I alleviate my discontent with esoteric pursuits. Winter is for keeping my tropical blood warm via the grey matter, with jazz, theatre, stand-up comedy, and issues worthy of public debate. I become positively Melbournian.

New vs old media: Fairfax, Buzzfeed and Ryantology

Well into the third decade of my life, these days it’s a rare occurrence when I’m the youngest at anything. But on this evening night there I was, with my husband (the second youngest person), mingling with other Sydney Morning Herald subscribers at Fairfax’s own meet the press shindig.

Qatar’s World Cup Expected To Take More Lives Than 9/11

Criticism over the construction-related deaths is widespread and I hope will lead to companies and their executives who are at fault being accountable.

Banks and cheeky social media campaigns

This week ANZ’s #GAYTM campaign went viral, gaining the support of snap-happy liberal Sydney-siders on Instagram. This cheeky campaign made me wonder – what other acts of social media bravery have the notoriously conservative financial services sector committed?
international marketing

Australian Open: the marketing winners

While Wawrinka as well as Li Na were worthy victors of the tennis, the marketing winners at Australia’s best international sporting event were what really caught my eye at Rod Laver arena.