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Notes on a scandal

Marital breakups at the executive level causing share prices to dive, directors misappropriating funds, inappropriate charging of fees - it seems not a week goes by without a corporate crisis being reported in the press.
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Tips from celebs on building your brand through charities

When you give to charities, do you want kudos back? While some people are happy to donate anonymously, others build brand value by promoting their generous actions. What can we learn from the world’s famous dogooders?

7 tips to save your marketing budget!

Sure, marketing can be expensive but there are also a great deal of opportunities where you can market for less or no cost at all which is good news to any marketing manager’s or CMO’s ears.

Save yourself from fraud

I know you thought this would never happen to you, I mean you didn’t even consider it. But the fact is credit card fraud is common in Australia. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Recycling just got chic

With our resident fashion blogger on a well-deserved holiday for most of this month, I get to write about fashion, my daaahlings.

The gentlemen’s guide to party dressing

When it comes to summer fashion in particular, I'm often just a little bit envious of you boys. And so because of my love for men’s summer fashion, I’ve chosen to dedicate this post to the best of the party season styles on offer for the lads.

Now can we party like it’s 1999?

The financial crisis’ sobering effect on corporate celebrations has been protracted; the resulting paradigm, complex. Seven years on, like a run of bad luck, is it safe to say the moratorium has ended?

Why you should make an effort this Halloween

Throughout America, Halloween is a day of merriment, costumes and theatricality. Is it time for us Aussies to catch up?
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Nudie Jeans Co – the naked truth about denim

Since researching the Rana Plaza factory collapse, I’ve also been living with a personal struggle with my fashion choices, driven by the guilt of the first world luxury of having the option of supporting fair working conditions for the people who produce our clothes.
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Social media campaigns – philanthropy vs personal branding

Earlier this year when the no makeup selfie breast cancer campaign became viral in Australia, I had a keyboard war with another young woman who decided to contest against my selfie. The fact was that this ‘selfie’ campaign was raising awareness for a good cause and that was enough to make me respond to her online outrage.