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Digital Media

Improved brand awareness and market intelligence for less cost, rapid information dissemination and deeper emotional engagement are just some of the benefits of a well thought out digital media strategy.

With the web taking over as the leading communications interface, businesses are reaping the benefits of engaging audiences online, such as improved brand awareness and market intelligence for less cost, and rapid information dissemination.

With a track record of providing strategic communications advice across traditional and digital channels, First Degree PR can effectively manage your websites, social media and blogging activities so that the content resonates with specific target audiences, and delivered to meet the broader objectives of your marketing strategy.

Why First Degree PR:

  • right blend of PR, risk management and IT experience – Our digital media team comprises PR and IT experts. Together we take a considered approach to new technology and digital media to ensure activities are aligned with broader business goals and risk management practices.
  • industry knowledge – We have deep knowledge of the industries we serve. Our inhouse experience means that we take a 360 degree view of communications activities, and consider internal and external audiences in the development and management of digital media strategies.
  • auditing and reporting capability – Along with content creation and management of your digital media channels, First Degree PR can produce a detailed report for your management team’s  use, based on our audit of your social media channels, as well as those of your competitors.